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By ... Steve Lucky


TIME : 9:31 A.M.
PLACE : The Engine Room of the Ship of Death

At the same moment that Fern, Logan, and the M.W.G.D. officers landed safely on the Marrot V, Trever and Wentar found the Engine Room for the Ship of Death. It was the closest place to the main engine that they could get to without going outside the ship. However, their problems had just begun. First, they were no longer invisible and had to make doubly sure they weren't spotted. Second, the Ruler found out what they had done to the Weapons Chamber and gave the soldiers the order to kill on sight. Third, there were a couple of armed guards guarding the Engine Room and they didn't look very friendly.

Trever worried about Fern and Logan and thought he had made the right decision when he told them to leave. Their powers would have come in handy, but they were inexperienced in phaser battle. In spite of their powers, they probably would have been killed early on and they'd be no help to anybody dead.

Trever was thinking about the future when he made them leave. Fern and Logan would eventually become as powerful as Rinquin and would protect the Marrot V in the years to come. If they were killed, Rinquin would be the last person with hypo-psycotic powers on board the Marrot V and, even if they survive this attack, the next one would surely succeed. Fern and Logan were essential to the future of the Marrot V.

Wentar didn't have time to worry about the future because he was worried about the present. They needed something to distract the guards so they could get the element of surprise when they attacked.

"I've got an idea," Wentar whispered to his partner.

He considered it a partnership more that a command type situation.

He went to the other side of the Engine Room and placed one of the explosives on the opposite wall. Fortunately, he wasn't spotted. Then, he ran quickly and quietly back to where Trever was. Trever nodded agreeing that Wentar had a good idea.

The guards were occupied with their everyday routines when they heard the explosion. One of the guards went out to investigate the explosion while the other alertly guarded the Engine Room. Wentar shot the guard that came out to investigate the explosion. He was looking the other way when Wentar shot him from behind. The guard dropped silently to the floor.

The other guard wasn't going to be dealt with as easily. He was expecting trouble. Trever knew the risks and knew that he wouldn't get a second change. He came out of hiding and shot the guard. Like in an Old West movie, the guard had drawn his weapon, but he wasn't fast enough. The guard slumped to the floor just like the other one.

Unknown to both Trever and Wentar, a soldier had also heard the explosion and came over to investigate. He saw Trever and Wentar entering the Engine Room and remembered what the Ruler had intructed him to do. He was to kill the intruders on sight.

Trever saw him just in the nick of time and pulled Wentar down to the floor just as the shot went sailing over their heads. Trever returned fire. It was a difficult shot for him to make, but somehow, he managed to find his target. Trever and Wentar knew they had no time to waste. One soldier had come already. In a few minutes, the whole place would be crawling with soldiers, each of them trying to kill them. They applied the remainder of their explosives to the vital components and left the room moving as quickly and quietly as they could. Trever was getting use to being a saboteur. After they were a safe distance away, he activated the explosives. This was the biggest explosion yet and the most important since it had used the last of the explosives.

Wentar was impressed with the way Trever had shot all those people so easily. He always wondered why the security guards were treated with such respect. Now, he knew why.

Trever was alert as always and once again pulled Wentar down to the floor. A small group of soldiers were approaching. There were too many to shoot down even with the element of surprise, so they had to hide. Wentar was aware of this and found a spare closet to hide in. Ironicly, it was the same closet Lisa had found earlier.

The soldiers passed right by them without realizing they were there.

"It stinks in here," complained Wentar.

TIME : 9:40 A.M.
PLACE : The Bridge of the Marrot V

Drake and Rinquin were through with the preparations far traveling at warp speed. The coordinates were already plotted. Next, came the hard part, the actual trip. Drake was ready to give his first official announcement as captain.

"Attention!" he began.

He started his announcements the same way the Ruler did, but Drake had something different to say.

"We are about to make the jump to warp speed. We nave not done so in years, so I'd advise you to find a place to strap yourselves in. The jolt we will experience as we go to warp speed might cause serious injury otherwise. You have two minutes."

Drake turned to Rinquin and asked, "How did I sound?"

"You sounded like the captain of the Marrot V," Rinquin smiled back.

Drake was still concerned with how the people of the Marrot V felt about him as their new captain and it was up to Rinquin to reassure him that he was doing a good job.

Drake counted down the two minutes and nervously stared into space. In two minutes, he would either be a hero or the man who destroyed the Marrot V.

TIME : 9:42 A.M.
PLACE : The Command Room of the Ship of Death

The Ruler was angry that his missles had been made inactive, but he was determined to have his revenge. He knew that someone, probably several people, were still on his ship. He even announced that he would promote and give a large cash bonus to anyone who could kill one of the intruders. Still there was no sign of them. The Ruler was filled with rage.

His thoughts were interrupted by his second in command.

"The Marrot V has gone to warp speed," he reported franticly. "They're escaping."

"Our ship is faster," the Ruler stated proudly. "Follow them."

"We can't," the second in command stammered weakly. "The intruders have destroyed the Engine Room."

That was more than the Ruler could stand.

"Attention! The intruders have caused great damage to the ship. Guard the docking bay. Do not let them get away."

The Ruler smiled. The intruders would have to leave sometime and when they did, a whole army would be there waiting for them.

TIME : 10:00 A.M.
PLACE : The docking bay of the Ship of Death

Trever and Wentar ran to the docking bay as fast as they could after the Ruler told his soldiers to guard the docking bay. They could forget about not attracting attention. They would get all the attention in the world as soon as they entered the docking bay. They lost precious minutes hiding from a group of soldiers along the way. Both of them knew that the longer it took for them to reach the docking bay, the more soldiers would be there waiting for them and they were out of explosives.

Trever remembered when he got upset at Wentar when he pretended not to care about Vohanna and wondered if Wentar would even care about his own death. Now, he knew that it was just Wentar's way of hiding his emotions. Wentar was really quite effected by Vohanna's death. He was both sorry for the captain and scared for his own safety. He just acted unconcerned because if fit his personality. Just because the captain was dead, he saw no reason to start respecting authority, at least until now.

There was no way that Wentar was going to disobey Trever. Both their lives depended on them cooperating with each other and working together. Wentar had learned about Trever's hidden personality as well. Trever was always blaming himself for anything that went wrong. He blamed himself for Mevlin's death even though there was no way he could have prevented it. That was why he had done everything he could for Peter, Hank, Linda, and Lisa. It was his way of repenting for what he thought was negligence on his part.

"It's now or never," Wentar said as he looked inside the docking bay.

The place was full of soldiers. There was no way tnat the two of them could win a phaser battle against all of them. They had to use a less direct approach.

All they had to do was get to a ship and leave. The easiest one to get to was the one Tanbrook had used which was a big break for them because it was one of their own.

As the Navigation Officer, Wentar knew everything there was to know about steering the ship. They would be back on the Marrot V in a matter of hours. It was exactly routine to take a ship that small over such a great distance, but Wentar knew he could do it, if they could get there.

Very, very silently, the two of them crept on all fours into the docking bay. They move ever so slowly toward their destination. The multitude of ship made a good cover for them, but it wasn't good enough. One of the soldiers spotted them and called out to the others.

Trever shot the soldier that had spotted them. He only had seconds before the other came and trapped them.

"I'll draw their fire. You make a dash for the ship, " Trever commanded.

Wentar knew he didn't have much of a choice. He had to take the responsibility of obeying orders for the first time in his life. Trever made a diving roll in the opposite direction than they were trying to go. Several shot were fired at him, but none of them hit him. Wentar made a break for the ship. He had just made it when some shot were fired after him. They just bounced harmlessly off the ship.

Trever saw that Wentar had made it and started on his way back His luck stayed with him as he made it to the ship without a scratch. However, when he tried to get inside, luck finally ran out.

A shot was fired from the other side of the ship hitting him in the center of his chest. Trever tried to keep going, but he collapsed on the ground. He was still able to hold his gun. Even wounded, he wouldn't go down without a fight.

Wentar saw him fall and knew he had to take action. Wentar opened the door to the ship and shot the soldier who had shot Trever. Using the door as a shield, he picked out the soldiers one by one and shot them. The soldiers started to back away.

Wentar left the safety of the ship and came to Trever's aid. He helped Trever back to his feet and carried back to the safety of the ship. A volley of shots were fired. Trever was hit a second time, this time on his side, but Wentar kept going. Wentar was hit in the leg, but that didn't stop him either.

After they were both safely in the ship, Wentar moved Trever to the back seat so he could lie down and took off. The soldiers watched their chance for a bonus and promotion go up in smoke as Trever and Wentar got away.

Trever groggily looked out the window. He saw the Ship of Death get smaller and smaller until it disappeared from sight.

"We did it! We won!" he murmured happily.

"I'll get you home safely," Wentar assured him.

Trever smiled weakly. Wentar was going to make a great leader someday. Then, he looked at his wounds in his side and chest. Both places were badly burned with blood flowing freely from the large holes in his skin. There was so much he wanted to do, so much he wanted to say to everybody, but there was never enough time for such things. He just closed his eyes and let sleep overtake him.

Wentar went the long way to the preselected coordinates to make sure that the Ruler couldn't follow them.

"Things are going to be very quiet around here," he thought to himself as the ship continued to move silently and Trever dreamed of heaven.